Action Plan 2021/2022


The most important electoral event in 2021 is the state legislative election in Virginia in the fall. This is a general election year in VA, with a competitive gubernatorial race and a fragile blue majority in the House of Delegates at stake. Democrats have made enormous legislative impact on the state with efforts such as expanding Medicaid, repealing the death penalty, and passing a comprehensive voting rights act, and we must protect and expand these gains.

We also often get involved in the special legislative elections that pop up throughout the year (to replace a legislator who suddenly leaves office). Join our ongoing events to support these efforts!

Elizabeth Guzman, Debra Gardner, and Joshua Cole

We are fundraising, writing postcards, calling voters for the candidates who are running to protect the fragile Democratic majority in Virginia in 2021 elections. Learn more about Elizabeth Guzman, Debra Gardner, and Joshua Cole, the candidates that Sister District South Bay is supporting in this election cycle!

Florida Rising

We have also joined Sister District's new initiative, the State Bridges program, to support grassroots groups that are leading year-round community-based organizing. Laying such a critical foundation of civic engagement all year long will enable us to build progressive power in state legislatures come Election Day.

For 2022 state legislative races, our target states will be Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, and Nevada. How are these chosen? Sister District prioritizes states with competitive Senate, House, and Gubernatorial elections, as well as those with redistricting commissions, where we expect new maps to be fairer for Democrats. It is also important to protect fragile Democratic incumbents, always a challenge in the midterm elections.

Please read about the political strategy for 2021 and 2022 in more detail on the National Sister District website.

Sister District Strategy: support candidates in states where the legislative chambers can be flipped blue or have fragile blue majorities