Action Plan 2023


Why is Virginia's state legislative election the most important election in the fall of 2023? We lost the VA House in 2021 and will be looking to flip it back and shore up the fragile VA Senate majority. The Republican Governor and the General Assembly have started to roll back the enormous legislative gains made by the previous Democratic trifecta, in such crucial areas as reproductive freedom and voting rights. We'll be helping Virginians to fight back!

Joshua Cole, Susanna Gibson, Schuyler VanValkenburg

We will be fundraising, writing postcards, and calling voters for our state legislative candidates Joshua Cole, Susanna Gibson, and Schuyler VanValkenburg. State legislatures matter because the laws and policies they adopt directly impact our daily lives, such as wage laws, land use policy, healthcare, election management, voting laws, redistricting, education, and infrastructure investments. By helping progressive candidates win state elections, we aim to protect voting rights, end gerrymandering, protect vulnerable or marginalized communities, enact climate actions and environmental justice now, racial and gender equity, reform the criminal justice system, end the school-to-prison pipeline, protect reproductive rights, help workers and farmers benefit from the economy, and so much more. Our candidates are in the critical races on November 2023 ballots. Learn more about Joshua, Susanna, and Schuyler!

We will also be involved in the Louisiana and Mississippi legislative elections of 2023. These candidates hail from critical states where we have a chance to flip the Republican legislative chamber blue or make some tangible progress toward that goal in the future.

Sister District State Bridges

We are also part of the Sister District's State Bridges, a program to support grassroots groups that are leading year-round community-based organizing. Laying such a critical foundation of civic engagement all year long will enable us to build progressive power in state legislatures come Election Day.

Join our ongoing events to support these efforts!