What We Do

Whatever it takes to elect progressive candidates to key legislative seats across the country, of course!

Four ladies excited to phone bank

Call and Text Voters

With calls and texts, we reach thousands of voters in an efficient and impactful way. In 2022, we made 13,406 phone calls through 39 phonebanking events. When we phonebank, we clean up voter contact lists, help folks find rides to the polls, and educate voters about our candidates' positions.

Organize Fundraising Events

We have held multiple fundraising events, everything from a bake sale to wine tastings, comedy shows, zoom concerts, yoga classes, lessons for kids - whatever our volunteers can think up. In 2022, we raised $87,000+; our candidates have told us multiple times that our money has been a substantial portion of their total fundraising.

Photos from our events: wine tasting, quiz show, masks for sale, yoga, bake sale, teaching kids crafts, garden shop, etc
A group of us writing postcards and having fun

Write Letters and Postcards

We write to voters to introduce our candidates, to remind the voters about the dates of primaries and general elections, and encourage them to vote early. In 2022, we wrote 20,000 letters and postcards. For many of our candidates, this was more than half of their total writing campaign.

How We Get Our Candidates

Sister District's national organization identifies states where the state legislative chambers can be flipped blue or have fragile blue majorities. Sister District then offers support to those Democratic candidates who can realistically win a potentially close election for their state legislative seats (see more). Sister District is particularly proud to support women, candidates of color, and other candidates from diverse communities and backgrounds so that we can help build a democracy that reflects the full chorus of American voices. Candidates endorsed by Sister District are then assigned to Sister District chapters across the USA. Chapter volunteers phonebank, fundraise, postcard, and textbank for their candidates.

Since our founding in 2017, SD South Bay has supported numerous compelling leaders, such as our 2022 candidates Darrin Camilleri (MI State Senate District 4), Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz (PA State House District 129), Mitzi Epstein (AZ Senate Legislative District 12), and Brittney Miller (NV State Assembly District 5). Our past state legislative candidates have included Debra Gardner (VA), Joshua Cole (VA), Elizabeth Guzman (VA), Ann Johnson (TX), Amanda White Eagle (WI), Ann Johnson Stewart (MN), Lorenzo Sanchez (TX), Sara Rodriguez (WI), Nancy Guenst (PA), Debra Rodman (VA), Pam Iovino (PA), Tammy Story (CO), Josh Cole (VA), Tammy Savoie (LA), and Faith Winters (CO).

This year, we are supporting three candidates, who are running to flip the Virginia state House, shore up a fragile Democratic majority in the state Senate, and pass important progressive legislation defending reproductive freedom, voting rights, and honest and equitable education.

How would you like to help? Join one of our teams, attend one of our events, or suggest something entirely different; everyone is welcome! Join us!

In 2022: 4 races, 87k raised, 20k postcards, 13k calls, 19 events.